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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum


The Malvern Neighbourhood Plan referendum is your chance as a resident to vote YES or NO and say whether you want the plan to become part of planning policy in Malvern.  If it passes, the Plan becomes part of the development plan for the area and must be used in making decisions on planning applications.

Four years of hard work has gone into producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Malvern which sets out a vision for Malvern up until 2030.  The plan contains 25 policies which seek to support the following twelve core objectives, whilst ensuring that any new development is fully integrated and enhances the character of the town.

  1. Protect and enhance the existing character of Malvern’s historic spa town and its countryside setting.
  2. Protect and enhance Malvern's green infrastructure, landscape and nature conservation assets.
  3. Protect and enrich Malvern’s heritage assets and historic environment.
  4. Support and encourage a diverse range of education, health, leisure, recreation and social facilities.
  5. Sustain and improve the vitality, health, wellbeing and safety for all in the community.
  6. Strengthen and support Malvern's tourism assets and associated infrastructure.
  7. Ensure the wider integration, co-ordination and connectivity of the existing transport infrastructure.
  8. Improve existing infrastructure and utilities, ensuring that new development does not exacerbate existing problems.
  9. Support and encourage a range of modern, sustainable and high quality industrial and business premises.
  10. Support and encourage a diverse range of retail and other associated town centre uses.
  11. Support and encourage new housing of high quality and sustainable design.
  12. Support and encourage sustainable development and reduce carbon-dependent activities.

You can view the Plan at the following locations: Great Malvern Library, Barnards Green Post Office, Malvern Link Post Office, Malvern Town Council offices, Malvern Hills District Council offices and Malvern Vale Community Centre.

It is also available to view online at: