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Full Council and Committee Meetings

Following recent changes in legislation, Town Councils are now able to hold remote meetings.

Therefore during the current period and in line with government health guidelines, all Town Council meetings will be held via Zoom for the forseeable future.  Agendas and reports will be shown on this website in the normal way under each committee heading, with a link for the press and public to join these meetings if they wish.



Full Council meets once a month throughout the year, usually on a Wednesday, at 6.00 pm, currently via Zoom.  Public and the Press are invited to Full Council meetings as are County and District Councillors representing the Malvern wards.  All  members of the Council are expected to attend if possible.

The agenda is available three clear working days before the meeting.  Only items on the agenda may be discussed at the meeting although members of the public are welcome to speak during Public Participation on any matter relating to Malvern Town.

Next Full Council meeting:

Wednesday 5 August 2020, This meeting will be conducted via Zoom and details on how to join the meeting will be published nearer the time.

Standing orders are the written rules of a local council and are essential to regulate the proceedings of a meeting.  A council may also use standing orders to confirm or refer to various internal organisational and administrative arrangements.  The standing orders of a council are not the same as the policies of a council but standing orders may refer to them.

Malvern Town Council's current Standing Orders, adopted 3 October 2018, can be seen here.

Meeting several times a year, the Operations and Planning Committee has nine members: Councillors Samantha Charles (Chairman), Lynne Lambeth (Vice Chairman), Caroline Bovey, Josephine Leibrandt, Pat Mewton, Cynthia Palmer, Peter Smith, Sharon Taylor and David Watkins.  

Meetings are open to the public unless stated otherwise.

For more details of what the Operations and Planning Committee does, please see the current Terms of Reference.

Next Operations and Planning Committee meeting:

Wednesday 1 July 2020 to be held remotely via Zoom. 

To join the meeting, please go to:

Meeting ID: 282 310 9608

Password: 338343

Read the agenda here.

Read the reports here

Minutes of previous meetings can be found below.  

Members of the Policy and Resources Committee, elected at the Annual Council meeting in May, are Councillors Clive Hooper (Chairman), Nick Houghton (Vice-Chairman), Julie Dallow, Lou Lowton, Ronan McLaverty-Head, Neville Mills, James O'Donnell and Paul Tuthill.  There are currently two vacancies on the Policy and Resources committee.

The committee meets approximately twelve times a year and these meetings are open to the public unless stated otherwise.  For more information about the Policy and Resources Committee, please see the current Terms of Reference

Next Policy and Resources Committee meeting:

Wednesday 29 July 2020 at 6pm via zoom.  Details on how to join the meeting will be issued nearer the time.

This meeting can also be accessed by telephone please contact the email address above if you wish to join the meeting in this way.


Audit Committee members, appointed at the Annual Council meeting, are Councillors Cynthia Palmer (Chairman), Caroline Bovey (Vice Chairman), Lynne Lambeth, Pat Mewton and Sharon Taylor.

The committee meets approximately three times a year and these meetings are open to the public unless stated otherwise.  For more information about the Audit Committee, please see the current Terms of Reference

Next Audit Committee meeting:

Wednesday 15 July 2020, will now take place via  zoom.

Minutes of previous meetings can be found below.  If you require copies of reports, please contact the office.

The Annual Town Meeting is not a council meeting but is an Annual Statutory meeting of the Town electors, called in accordance with Schedule 12(14) of the Local Government Act 1972.

The next Annual Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday 17 March 2021 at 7.00 pm, venue to be confirmed.

There will be an Open Forum at the meeting when those present can put questions to the Mayor and the Council.  Notice of questions would be appreciated and should be sent to the Town Clerk a week in advance of the meeting.

Minutes of previous Annual Town Meetings can be read below:

11 March 2020 - minutes available shortly

13 March 2019 

21 March 2018

14 March 2017

15 March 2016


Under section 29 of the Localism Act 2011, there is a legal requirement for the register of Members' Interests to be published on the internet. 

Individual Councillor's forms are below:

Caroline Bovey

Samantha Charles

Julie Dallow

Clive Hooper - copy awaited

Nicholas Houghton

Lynne Lambeth

Josephine Leibrandt

Lou Lowton

Ronan McLaverty-Head

Patrick Mewton

Neville Mills

Neil Morton

James O'Donnell

Cynthia Palmer

Peter Smith

Sharon Taylor

Paul Tuthill

David Watkins