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Malvern Town Council comprises twenty elected Councillors, each of whom is elected for four years.  Each year, the Council elects one Councillor to serve as the Mayor of Malvern. 

Full Council meets nearly every month throughout the year and these meetings are open to the public.  In addition, there are regular meetings of the Council's three committees - Audit Committee, Operations and Planning Committee, and Policy and Resources Committee. 

The Annual Town meeting is usually held in March, and gives members of the public the chance to learn what the Town Council has been doing and to ask questions of the Mayor and members of the Council.  Please do come along - the next annual town meeting will be on Wednesday 23 March 2022, venue to be confirmed. 

The Town Council's staff work to implement the plans of the Council.  There are five members of staff in the offices at Belle Vue Terrace and eight groundsmen and operations workers who look after all of the outside spaces and assets.

For the council year 2021/22 the Mayor of Malvern for is Councillor Nick Houghton and the Deputy Mayor of Malvern is Councillor Clive Hooper.

Caroline Bovey represents Pickersleigh Ward.


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Councillor Dallow represents Dyson Perrins Ward

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Lynne Lambeth represents Pickersleigh Ward.

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Lou Lowton represents North Malvern Ward.

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Cllr Ronan McLaverty-Head represents Dyson Perrins Ward.  

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Pat Mewton represents Pickersleigh Ward. 

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James O'Donnell represents Chase Ward.

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Cynthia Palmer represents Priory Ward. 

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Jack represents Pickersleigh Ward.  

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Peter Smith represents Priory Ward. 

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Cllr Aidan Stitt represents Dyson Perrins Ward.


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Cllr Sharon Taylor represents Link Ward.

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Councillor Caroline Bovey

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Councillor Lynne Lambeth

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Councillor Patrick Mewton

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Cllr Jack Satterthwaite

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The Town Mayor is elected annually in May by the Town Council at the Annual Council Meeting and chairs Full Council meetings, attends civic and ceremonial functions, events organised by local people and represents Malvern at functions outside the town. 

Each year the Mayor can choose a charity that he or she would like to support.  The Mayor hosts various events that throughout the year, such as the Mayor's Bonanza, the Health and Wellbeing Fair and Heritage Day, and any money collected at these events goes to the charity. 

Both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are delighted to receive invitations from local organisations and community groups to attend functions and fundraising events.  If you would like to invite the Mayor and/or Deputy Mayor to your event, please complete the enquiry form below or contact Louise Wall here 

This year your Mayor is Cllr Nick Houghton.  Nick has chosen to support The Outreach Project and What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful.

The Outreach Project is a new charitable organisation founded by Malvern Book Cooperative. and uses the power of books and the joy of reading to bring people together. 

What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful is a special needs charity which offers a wide range of projects and services that run from their Malvern Support Centre. The charity provides a family-centred care approach, supporting children up to 19 years of age who have disabilities, their parents, carers, friends, and siblings.

If you would like to enquire about booking the Mayor for an engagement, please fill out the form below.

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Register of Members' Interests - General Notice of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Under section 29 of the Localism Act 2011, there is a legal requirement for the register of Members' Interests to be published on the internet.  

Cllr Caroline Bovey

Cllr Samantha Charles

Cllr Julie Dallow

Cllr Clive Hooper

Cllr Nick Houghton

Cllr Lynne Lambeth

Cllr Josephine Leibrandt

Cllr Lou Lowton

Cllr Ronan McLaverty-Head

Cllr Pat Mewton

Cllr Neville Mills

Cllr Neil Morton

Cllr James O'Donnell

Cllr Cynthia Palmer

Cllr Jack Satterthwaite

Cllr Peter Smith

Cllr Aidan Stitt

Cllr Sharon Taylor

Cllr Paul Tuthill

Cllr David Watkins






Linda has worked for Malvern Town Council since 2002 and in that time has undertaken a number of different roles from Events Officer, to Finance Officer, Deputy Town Clerk and then in 2014, finally becoming Town Clerk.

As Town Clerk, Linda holds overall responsibility for the day to day running of the Town Council and for enforcing the decisions made by the twenty Town Councillors. Being Town Clerk is a very varied and enjoyable role allowing Linda to meet and work with many individuals, groups and organisations in the local area in the pursuit of the best level of service delivery possible.

As well as Town Clerk, Linda is also an accountant and produces the Council’s quarterly and annual accounts.

Linda enjoys spending time with her husband and German Shepherd dog Twizel, who she rehomed from a rescue centre.  She also loves travelling the world, seeing new places and experiencing different cultures.

If she wasn’t Town Clerk in Malvern, Linda would like to be the female Indiana Jones!

Lyndsey has worked for the Town Council for ten years, and as Operations and Office Co-ordinator she has perhaps the most varied job in the administration team, supporting both the Town Clerk and Operations Manager in the running of the administration office, building maintenance at the town council offices and other operational activities.  She also organises Bands in the Park summer series and other events.

Lyndsey is probably the “mother” of the office team, balancing a fairly no-nonsense “let’s get it done” approach with an in-built instinct to make sure that everyone else is okay.

Lyndsey grew up in Germany, and is an interesting mixture of German and Welsh.  She loves holidaying with her family and seeing her young son getting excited about new sights, sounds and smells.

Louise joined the MTC team in 2017, and as PA to the Town Clerk and Mayor she is responsible for organising meetings with all of the associated agenda, reports and minutes whilst supporting the Town Clerk and Mayor with their day to day diaries and administration.  She also takes bookings for Great Malvern Cemetery.

Louise can be described as a cornerstone of the office, always willing to roll her sleeves up and get involved in a multitude of administrative tasks.


Deb is one of the longest standing members of Town Council Office staff, having worked for the TC since 2004.

Deborah is the Council’s Administration and Finance Officer responsible for allotments, football and day to day running of accounts as well as purchase orders.

Deb is a stickler for detail, with everything from purchase orders to petty cash managed in military fashion. Suppliers can be assured that they will be paid in good time but only if their invoices are clear and correct!

Deb is well known for going on holiday more times than Judith Chalmers (there must be a travel book in the pipeline somewhere) and she views her dog as the best looking dog in the world…… definitely a pampered pooch, he owns more coats than Debenhams!

Clare is the Council’s Events Administration Officer organising events throughout the year such as the Mayor's Bonanza, Health and Wellbeing Fair, Alternative Bands in the Town and Outdoor Theatre.

Clare is also our top negotiator for contracts and prices, and will always drive a hard bargain, getting the best value possible for the Town Council.

At home, Clare lives with cats Marmite (who loves marmite), Simba (rules the roost) and last but not least, daughter Amie. 

Clare's claim to fame is being on stage at Malvern Theatres in Jesus Christ Superstar.  

Charles is Operations Manager, and manages the Grounds Maintenance Team based at Great Malvern Cemetery.  He is responsible for the maintenance of all Town Council Assets and he organises tenders, quotes and operational projects.

As Operations Supervisor Grahame is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the Operations Team.

Chris is Head Gardener and responsible for the maintenance of the Town Council's parks and gardens, and assists in the Town Council's other open spaces.

Jack carries out maintenance on all Town Council Assets, operational projects and works alongside the Head Gardener on all bedding projects.

Martin carries out maintenance on all Town Council Assets and operational projects.

Rob carries out maintenance on all Town Council Assets and operational projects.

Dave carries out maintenance on all Town Council Assets and operational projects.

Craig carries out maintenance on all Town Council Assets and operational projects.